Fine Nodeless Bamboo Fly Rods

Joel Hubscher, Maker

Why Bamboo

I strive to make the best bamboo rods possible. Learning to make fine bamboo fly rods takes years of dedication, patience, attention to detail, and an understanding of fly casting. Making only nodeless rods is an example of greatly increasing the amount of work and time it takes to make a rod, but with much better results. Although tastes may differ as to how a great rod should cast, I have never met anyone who disputes that nodeless bamboo fly rods cast smoother than rods that have nodes.

I have been making fly rods since 1980. My first fly rod was a fiberglass rod! Since then I built many graphite rods through the 1980’s and 1990’s. I started making bamboo fly rods in 1998.

Over the years I have developed what I think are bamboo fly rods well suited for different casting styles, situations, and fish. All my tapers started from classics developed decades ago by master rod builders. These rods are from the “If you could only save one fly rod out of your burning house, which would it be?” category. I have “tweaked” the tapers here and there, making them my own, while adding what I think are changes for the better. Judging by comments from expert casters, I think I did these tapers justice in matching them to today’s expectations.

So, email me if you want to know more. We can discuss your particular desires and expectations. Then we can decide on which rod action, line weight, and length are right for you.

Why Nodeless
The Rods